FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through some of our most asked questions below. These are the questions we frequently get asked by our customers about our Glowhite teeth whitening kit, how to use it, and results.

How do I use the Glowhite kit?
Each kit includes a step-by-step manual on how to effectively and safely use our at-home teeth whitening kit. We designed the Glowhite kit to be affordable, easy, and convenient to use. We will guide you through each step!

What’s so great about Glowhite?
Glowhite is designed and developed by qualified dental professionals to make teeth whitening easier, faster, convenient, and more effective! Our advanced technology allows you to whiten quickly and on the go, without sensitivity.

Our customers receive much better results using their Glowhite teeth whitening kits, with results comparable to a $1000 dentist treatment!

When do I brush my teeth?
We highly recommend brushing your teeth before your whitening treatment. Brushing your teeth after the treatment is optional.

Is this product safe to use?
Yes, Glowhite is safe to use when you follow our step-by-step guidelines properly. We don't use any dangerous chemicals in our formula and tested our product for over two years before releasing it into the market.

How often should I use the product and for how long?
You can use our teeth whitening kit for 16 minutes each day for 7 days straight to achieve a sparkling new smile. Some people use the product for up to 21 days depending on the results they desire.

Each whitening pen, when applied in moderation, should last 7 days of treatment.

How long does it take to see results?
Most customers see results within the first 3 days of using Glowhite. However to see the best results, use our product consistently for 1 week, for 16 minutes each day consecutively.

Please note: that results do vary. Some teeth whiten dramatically in just a few days while others can take longer. We recommend you use it until you are satisfied with the brightness of your teeth

Does this work on coffee, wine and other tough stains?
Absolutely - our product is scientifically formulated to erase tough stains like years of coffee or wine drinking.

Does Glowhite cause sensitivity?

Our product has been designed not to cause any sensitivity. To ensure as little sensitivity as possible for those who may be prone to it, we have included our desensitising pen that comes with every kit.

Can I whiten my teeth if I have fillings/crowns or veneers?
Yes - our product is safe to use if you have fillings or crowns. Please note the filling/crown will not be affected by the product and will not change colour.

What is the risk of the light used for whitening?
There is no risk involved in using our teeth whitening kit. We use ultra-safe LED wavelengths that do not cause harm to your mouth or body.

What happens if I get some of the serum on my tongue, gums or lips?
Be sure to wipe it off or rinse it out as quickly as possible and as best as you can. Our product is meant to be used on your teeth only.

Can I use while pregnant or breastfeeding?
No - As with introducing anything new into your regime whilst you’re pregnant or nursing, we recommend you consult with your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

If you have any other questions regarding our product, please send them to us via email at info@glowhitesmiles.com